Judge James F. Henry Saves the Wedding Day for Happy Couple

The following article appeared in the Chicago Sun Times. Former Cook County Circuit Judge James F. Henry of Resolute Systems saved the wedding day for Myra Duong and Daniel Garcia. Judge Henry’s friend referenced in the article is Resolute mediator Faustin Pipal. Some quick thinking and concern for fellow citizens resulted in a successful wedding for the happy couple.

The Duong song . . .

By Michael Sneed
Chicago Sun Times

February 22, 2011-Tears & cheers! Myra Duong was wilting in her wedding dress when Cook County Judge James F. Henry sailed to the rescue recently. The saga: Duong, 31, her fiancé, Daniel Garcia, and 14 wedding guests had shown up at the Cook County building for a wedding ceremony — only to find the doors locked due to Lincoln’s birthday.

The scene: “I just broke down and started crying,” said Duong. “The food and decorations were waiting for us back at Daniel’s house.”

The rescue: Then two men walked past the doleful group and one pointed to his friend and smiled: “He’ll marry you.” To the rescue had come Judge James Henry, who pulled out his identification, pointed them to the nearby Daley Center; helped the wedding party get past the security guards; and escorted them to a quiet corner in the lobby where the wedding was performed.

The upshot: “It was a miracle,” said Duong. “The judge was like a guardian angel.”

The backshot: It wasn’t the first time Judge Henry has come to the rescue of dashed wedding plans due to holiday closings. Only that time it was a pair of Elmhurst College
students at Cafe Bionda.

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