In Response to COVID-19, Resolute Systems Launches eMediate for Virtual Mediations

Resolute announced today the release of eMediate, a platform specifically designed to support virtual mediations. The eMediate platform is easy to use for all parties and contains highly advanced features designed to mimic the normal flow and process of a mediation, including the ability to have private caucuses with the mediator to facilitate shuttle diplomacy., Unlike other more generic platforms that may be experiencing service or unreliability issues due to overuse, eMediate is a secure, confidential platform geared towards the mediation/arbitration industry.

“The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak is affecting counsel and claims organizations in many ways,” said Ryan Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer for Resolute. “Travel restrictions, limitations on group meetings and courthouse closings, are just some of the significant impediments to resolving disputed civil cases. Resolute is responding to those challenges through its release of eMediate.”

“This is an unprecedented and virtual new business landscape,” Hamilton continued. “We want to provide the necessary business continuity tools to parties who wish to maintain momentum towards resolving litigation in this unpredictable time. The exciting launch of eMediate reflects our commitment to the industry we serve and to our ability to adapt to new and previously unforeseen challenges. ”

About Resolute Systems
Ranked as the #1 Overall ADR Provider and the #1 Overall Online ADR Resource in the U.S. by the National Law Journal in 2019 and 2020, Resolute Systems is one of the nation’s largest ADR providers. Resolute provides mediation, tele-mediation, binding arbitration, paper arbitration, judicial referee, appellate insight, class action settlement adjudication, and other services designed to assist parties who wish to resolve their disputes.